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Our Authorized Distributor's Guide to Micron SSDs is here to provide you with an up-to-date, easy to use, quick reference guide to industry-leading Micron solid state drives available on the market today.

We've organized it by SSD interface (NVMe and SATA) and then by Micron SSD series. For a quick glance at what's available - check out our sidebar which lists the available capacities and packages (a.k.a. form factors). Clicking on one of the Micron SSD series there will bring you down the page to the brief overview of that particular series with links to pages that dive deeper and include product briefs, spec sheets, videos, as well as links to order-able SSD part numbers that you can buy online.

Whether you are in the IT, medical, military, industrial, or any industry really, Micron SSDs are optimized to enhance a broad range of applications. 

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NVMe Interface SSDs

Micron 2400 NVMe SSD

Capacities: 512GB to 2TB

Form Factors: M.2 (22mm x 30mm, 22mm x 42mm, & 22mm x 80mm) micron 2400 ssd

Interface: NVMe

Brings industry-leading storage densities to enable flexible OEM solution design and provides an uncompromising user experience.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Delivers up to two times the performance of previous generations
  • Provides hours of untethered operation for prolonged productivity and entertainment
  • Enables over 9 hours of battery life

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Micron 2450 NVMe SSD

New Micron 2450 Form Factor Sizes

Capacities: 256GB - 1TB

Form Factors: M.2 (22mm x 80mm, 22mm x 42mm, & 22mm x 30mm)

Interface: NVMe

Delivers value and flexibility, making it versatile for entry-level to advanced applications.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Low power consumption (less than 30mW during slumber)
  • Engineered for a "worry-free" battery life
  • Delivers up to half a million random write IOPS
  • Listed on the Intel Modern Standby Partner Portal Platform Component List

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Micron 3400 NVMe SSD

Micron 3400 NVMe M.2 Angled Labeled

Capacities: 512GB - 2TB

Form Factor: M.2 (22mm x 80mm)

Interface: NVMe

Combines the performance of 176-layer NAND and PCIe Gen4 while consuming minimal power.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Built for the most data-intensive applications
  • Power efficiency for all-day computing
  • 25% lower idle power than previous generation SSDs with NVMe

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Micron 7400 NVMe SSD

7400 - Group Labeled Components - Group 03-1

Capacities: 400GB - 3.8TB

Form Factors: E1.S, M.2, U.3

Interface: NVMe

Available Models:

  • 7400 PRO: Read-Intensive, 1 DWPD
  • 7400 MAX: Write-Intensive, 3 DWPD

An optimal combination of performance, power efficiency, flexibility, and security to enhance your application.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Combines design flexibility with optimal thermal and cooling
  • More than doubles throughput compared to previous generation SSDs
  • Backwards compatible to improve performance in PCIe Gen 3 servers

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Micron 7450 NVMe SSD

Capacities: 400GB to 15.36TB


Form Factors: E1.S, M.2, and U.3

Interface: NVMe

Available Models:

  • 7450 PRO: Read-intensive, 1 drive writes per day (DWPD)
  • 7450 MAX: Mixed-use, 3 DWPD

Available in an array of form factors, capacity sizes, and deployment options that are optimized for your boot, cache, and storage needs.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Offers the industry’s broadest range of PCIe Gen4 SSD form factors
  • 2ms and below QoS latency enables impressive responsiveness in data center workloads
  • Yields faster read and write speeds, up to 1 million IOPS, enabling faster booting and application responsiveness

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Micron 9400 NVMe SSDmicron_9400_product_image

Capacities: 6.4TB-30.72TB

Form Factors: U.3

Interface: NVMe

Available Models:

  • 9400 PRO
  • 9400 MAX

The high-performance, massive capacity data center solution that sets a new industry standard.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Improves power efficiency by up to 77%
  • Industry-leading 30TB capacity that enables maximum storage density
  • Optimized for a wide variety of performance-critical workloads

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SATA Interface SSDs

Micron continues to provide SATA users with new, innovative support in a changing industry.

While many leading manufacturers are no longer supporting SATA-based applications and primarily producing NVMe interface drives, Micron remains a  legacy supplier of SATA. Micron aims to support the enterprise SATA industry by building on the solid foundation of trusted architecture that already exists while adding performance-enhancing features.

Micron 5300 SATA SSDmicron_5300_sata_ssd

No read or write compromises for high performance computing.

Capacities: 240GB - 7.68TB

Form Factors: M.2 (2.5-inch)

Interface: SATA

Available Models:

  • 5300 BOOT: Read-intensive, 1 DWPD
  • 5300 PRO: Read-intensive, 1-2 DWPD
  • 5300 MAX: Mixed-use, 3-5 DWPD

The best in-class performance SATA platform for enterprise workloads and the first with 96-layer NAND.

This Micron 5300 series is a brand new update (released October 2019) to the still available Micron 5200 series with the addition of 96-layer NAND and support for the M.2 form factor (unlike the 5200). It features improved performance, endurance, and a multiple year warranty making it an ideal enterprise storage solution. Talk to us about the appropriate transition path for your current drive.

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Micron 5400 SATA SSD

Capacities: 240GB to 7.68TB


Form Factors: M.2 (22mm x 80mm) and 2.5-inch

Interface: SATA

Available Models:

  • 5400 PRO: Read-intensive, 1.5 DWPD
  • 5400 MAX: Mixed-use, 5 DWPD

Combines Micron's already proven data center SATA architecture with its advanced 176-layer NAND, making for an exceptional user experience.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Offers best-in-class mixed-use write performance
  • Industry-leading reliability MTTF rating that is 50% higher than other leading SATA SSDs
  • Proven and stable architecture trusted for generations by all major server OEMs

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